Thank You

Dear Class,

So the year is moving along really fast. Before you know it, we will be at an end and you will all be moving up to the next class. It has been a great year thus far and I want you to know that I have enjoyed every moment of teaching you (well, perhaps except for that day, you know the one?).

But seriously, you’ve kept me busy, and it’s been great fun. I hope you feel the same and that you will take what you have learned this year and build on it as you continue your studies.

Each one of you has a bright future ahead of you. Work hard and enjoy your school days!

Thank you for everything Class.

Yours Sincerely

Mr B

Graffiti Incursion

Last week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Xavier. Xavier had a big message for us about making choices and talked about the difference between art and vandalism. Xavier put on a great display and performed a few scenarios to help us understand how our choices can impact us.

Our class were very mature in our talks afterwards as we discussed the things that impact us such as peer pressure. We spoke about how we can be better people toward each other and how we aspire to be the best we can be.

Word Study

We in 5/6D like to do word study first thing in the morning. Part of our process is Word Of The Day. We like to find the definition of a word, write antonyms and synonyms and then write the word in a sentence to show our understanding of it. We’ve been getting creative and adding these words to our Word Wall.



Our grade 5’s have conducted themselves incredibly well and have worked their best, which is all we ask. Thank you! It can be quite stressful and is very different with the hallways so quiet. I think I could get used to it…..


Our Writing topic this term has been Persuasive and we’ve been busy refining our skills and putting our theory into practice. No better way to test our abilities than jump into a debate right?